Monday, August 24, 2015

Will Love Provide?

My mama loves to feed people.
If you are around her and you're hungry- then she feels she has failed. 
I had a friend tell me once that she "thinks in food" when it comes to planning an event. This would be my mom. We often say my mom could take a can of beans and a loaf of bread and turn it into a four course meal. 
We are only half kidding. 
She always has food prepared or shortly available- long before we are ever even hungry, she has already thought of what she will serve us in love. She expresses her deep love for us through providing. She longs to meet our needs- and we all have to eat.

In John 21(after Jesus's resurrection), the disciples are back to the business of fishing- and having no luck- when Jesus unexpectedly appears to them on the shore. After He calls out to them, they miraculously catch a huge net full. And then, they head to shore-to Jesus. 
But for me, this verse stands out:
"When they landed, they saw a fire of burning coals there with fish on it, and some bread." 
These men had not known what their night would bring- that they would catch nothing until Jesus intervened; that they would be coming to a random place on the shore to connect with their risen Lord.
But Jesus knew. 
Jesus knew their hunger before they knew it. 
Those coals, the fish, the bread- Jesus had been preparing for them what they didn't even know they would need in a place they didn't even know they would be. 
He was already there, provision waiting- nourishment for hungry souls.
Jesus was showing them His deep love for them. Reminding them as He met their need that fullness only comes from Him. 
I think about the quiet moments on the shore as Jesus prepared the meal long before the disciples were even in sight- as He thought about them, cooked for them, prepared the provision before they ever arrived- and the love that was in every step. 
Just let that movie play in your mind a moment. 
It was His joy to meet their need...and it is His joy to meet yours as well. 
Trust. Love will provide. Maybe not the way or time you expect, but He will always provide. 

That sea you are sailing? The one that has left you tired, boat and belly empty?
He has a place of provision already prepared. He's simply waiting for you. He's waiting for you to hear His call from the shore to meet Him- even if it's not the way or the when you expected. He knew your hunger even before you did, and the food is ready and waiting. 
The smell of provision is already in the air. 

Jesus longs to express His deep love for you.
Will you stop the work of casting your net long enough to come ashore and let Him love you and provide for you? Those overflowing nets of fish you're catching- that busy, full life? They are from Him anyway. 
The very thing you need, He has already provided...even before you know you need it. 
Trust Him, get near to Him, so you don't miss the meal He has prepared for you! mama may be feeding us a meal, but it's the provision of love we devour. And fueled for the next steps, we go on, knowing the next meal is already cooking in her heart...just like my Jesus. 
Never doubt: Love provides.  


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  1. Amen!!! Jesus ALWAYS provides what we need NOT necessarily what we want. So very true of your precious mom; she can make anything taste good & definitely does it with love!!! 💜