Thursday, August 13, 2015

Knowing The Way

The unknown can be paralyzing. 
Feet turn to lead.
Mind fills with fear.
Heart beats out of chest.
And worry comes running to be my friend. 
I have to walk forward. Because stopping isn't an option when I have a way to go, a journey to walk. 
But sometimes? I just want to know the way. The whole way.
I want to see the Maps version of His plan pop up on my smart phone so I can see it all in a picture or in enumerated steps or even 3D satellite view. 
I want to know the way. 
But then, I remember that Jesus promised to be a "lamp unto my feet, a light into my path". A lamp at my feet assures I can see just enough to keep walking and not stumble and fall. A light on my path shows me the way right in front of me, not miles down the road. 
Jesus shows me His way in my here and in my now. When I lock my gaze on Him, He doesn't just show me the way- He IS my matter the ease or difficulty of the path beneath my feet. 
While I am concerned with knowing a way, Jesus draws me to Himself so I can know THE Way. 
We all have a way we are wondering about and wandering around. 
Let's stop our worry and let go of fear. 
Trust The Way for His way on your way. 
You may not know it all, but you know Him- and I promise that is enough. 
That's may prayer for us today. 

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