Monday, August 3, 2015

When Reality is Rough

*** I am currently walking through the book of John with Proverbs31 ministries using the First 5 App. 
This post is part of what the Holy Spirit is teaching me and revealing to me personally as I dig into this part of His Word. 
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John 6: Jesus feeds the five thousand; Jesus walks on water. 
This chapter is full of miracles but it's also full of moments that can sometimes get glossed over because of their magnitude. I can't help but think about the people IN those moments, witnessing those miracles. These were real problems, real hunger, real storms, real fear, real questions, real uncertainty. Those stories we read and summarize and throw into sentences were their realities. 
And when you are in the middle of your reality, believing for a miracle isn't as easy as reading ahead a few verses- because when it's YOUR reality, you can't read past the verse you're in; you can only believe that Jesus has already perfectly written it. 
So today it's taking everything I have to put my pen down and let Jesus write the miraculous in the current reality of my life verses. Instead of pining over all the drafts cluttering my mind and my soul, I am using every ounce of who I am to draw close to the Author and Perfector of my faith. 
I can be like Philip who could not see the way so decided it was impossible, or be like Andrew who even though he didn't see how, chose to go to Jesus and surrender what they had. 
What I have today doesn't feel like a lot, or look like a lot, but Jesus is my abundance. He is the Multiplier. He is the Miracle Worker. He is the Way Maker. He is the Storm Calmer. 
I'm inviting Jesus into my reality. He's already written the miracle- I just have to surrender the pen and believe the Author. 
That's my prayer for you, too.

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