Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Awake at Dark-thirty!

Lessons I Learned in the Dark:
1. When you finally decide to go wake your soundly sleeping husband in order for him to yell at the dogs which have been incessantly barking for the past hour, which are in turn keeping awake the child you have been trying to coax back to sleep for that same hour, and you then proceed to turn off the house alarm, and rattle the blinds, and huff a sufficient amount of times, he will get up. But…it is the split second before he opens the door and clicks on his Barney Fife flashlight that the dogs will inevitably STOP their incessant barking.
2. A child’s whisper of “mama”, coupled with maternal instinct and will, are strong enough to overcome the medicinal induced coma of a Darvecet and make you forget about the headache for which you took it.
3. What six year old little girls and grown men can sleep through is baffling.
4. Bad dreams affect more than just the ones who dream them.
5. Praying over the one who has had a bad dream affects more than just the one for whom you are praying.
6. Just as you drift back to sleep, you will be reminded that children’s inability to sleep happens in shifts.
7. The peace that a child receives from reaching out in the darkness with their precious hand every few moments and saying, “Mama, are you still there?” brings a mother inexplicable joy.
8. Sacrificing a portion of the bed that is rightfully mine is worth every recaptured moment of peaceful sleep for my child.
9. When you decide that, in order to get caught up on some things such as blogging, you will just go ahead and stay awake…so will everyone else.
10. Even in the darkest and longest of nights…sunrise comes.

Am I tired this morning? Yes. Am I concerned about how I will function through my day? Yes. Am I longing for rest? Yes. Am I still stumbling in the early morning fog? Yes.

Am I regretful that I had to experience such a night? No.

These lessons I learned in the dark, much deeper than their appearances, have taught and reminded me of truths that I would not have readily received or taken time to remember in the busy light of day.

There is purpose in the darkness.

“You are my lamp, O Lord, You turn my darkness into light.”
2 Samuel 22:29

And even as we fumble through it, there are treasures to be found, if we choose to find them.
“If I’m sleepless at midnight, I spend the hours in grateful reflection…I hold on to you for dear life and you hold me steady as a post.”
Psalm 63:6-8(The Message)

So, although I say it with a yawn and the croaky voice leftover from a long night,
I still choose to say, “Thank You, Lord.”
Oops. My head hit the keyboard.
Sorry, still human…. need…... sleep.......must…….soon…..........