Saturday, January 9, 2016

Falling into Faith

Sometimes it's just plain hard to believe this. For real
To trust that God not only has all the pieces but that He has the picture on the box. 
He knows what the grand and beautiful masterpiece looks like, and He is placing every piece...even the hard, hurting ones...and you and I can trust He knows not just THAT it fits, but HOW and WHY it fits. 
And that is enough. 
I am learning to live like I know this and believe it. It's not easy...but I am FAITHING it even when I don't FEEL it. Part of our family mission statement declares "God is always at work to bring about His purposes." 
This...THIS is what I want to live and not just say. And leave a legacy as one who walked it out even when it was a stumbling, ugly hot mess. 

That's my prayer for you, too. Not as one who has arrived, but as one who is ONE the journey.