Thursday, August 6, 2015

Spit and Mud to Heal My Mess

Spit and mud: Jesus uses it in John 9. Seriously. 
And for what? A miracle. 
Jesus sees the blindness-this mans point of need- and meets him there with spit and mud. 
Sometimes I get mad about an area of "blindness" in my life- places in need of His miraculous. I get bitter in my blindness. I don't understand why I have to live life saddled with physical frustrations and impairments...storms camped out over me spiritually, emotionally, situationally, relationally. 
But then when JESUS approaches my need with spit and mud...I lament over messy methods and delay or even miss my miracle. 

When asked about this man's blindness Jesus simply says this: "...but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life."(John 9:3) 

What if I took this approach, had this mentality toward every occurrence and every area of my life?
What if I lived with that level of pure, simple confidence that Jesus WILL display His glory through the miraculous in my life...even if His intervention is unconventional by my standards? (see spit, mud and a face washing!) 
Will I embrace spit and mud from the Master in order to see my miracle? 

I'm blind in so many ways. But I know God has a plan for His glory in it all if I will just surrender to His process. 
I don't love the method every time...but I love and trust the Master. 
And that is enough for me. 
I'm praying you embrace the spit and mud, too. 
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