Saturday, July 2, 2011

The End in Sight

Our last full day in Nicaragua! 
We began our day in a more rural area of Managua putting plastic over houses for the rainy season.
It was a great morning of work, with a good deal of walking in more hilly areas than we had been previously.
We split into teams and were able to finish about ten houses and leave the materials for the rest to be completed.
Our helper, who was a Nicaraguan even fell through a roof! Thankfully he didn't get hurt! An angel must have broken his fall! :)
We were all so glad we could get this work done after being rained out yesterday.

We ate lunch on the bus from Tip Top, a chicken restaurant, as we headed to Masaya to see a live Volcano!
It took about 30 minutes to get there.
The ride up to the volcano seemed  pretty stressful on our us, but we made it!
The smell of sulfur was rather choking at first, but once you see the majesty of the creation in front of you, that is quickly forgotten.
We walked up a gazillion steps to a gorgeous lookout point.
It was amazing!
Except for the yellow jackets, that is.
They were everywhere and just as we were about to walk down and I was going to have another pic made, I put my hand down on one and got stung on the thumb. When I pulled my hand up, the entire stinger and rear end of that pesky little fellow was stuck in my thumb!
Not cool!
Tayla got stung too-on the back.
As we headed down the volcano, our bus driver, Alberto, told us he had something or new something that would help.
A few minutes later, he stopped in the middle of the road. We followed him to what we figured would be an Aloe Vera  plant, but what turned out to be fresh mud which he piled on the area on the sting.
Those are some crazy pics to behold!
But guess what? It worked!
Neither one of us had any more swelling!
Praise the Lord!

We rode a little further and went to see Grenada, the oldest country in Nicaragua.
It was a beautiful place with a lot of history all around....and good shopping!
We had a great time getting great deals- or at least I did! ;)
The coffee we had was super and the atmoshpere of the little open air cafe was so magical and movie like to me!

We headed back to the guesthouse, ate supper, packed and weighed luggage, and then just spent time together,
Such a beautiful day in the physical and the spiritual today!

Time now for me to get to bed!
We have a church service at a local international church in the morning and Jarrett will preach.
Then off to the airport from there!

One last leg of the physical journey.
But I know it's just the beginning of the work has is doing in my Spirit!
Thank you Father!

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