Friday, July 1, 2011

In Other News...

So in other news about our Thursday...
Today, we left Chinandega.
It was bittersweet because we knew we would also be leaving our wonderful translators today, too. They have partnered so wonderfully with us in ministry all week. Nadia and Rolando have been such a blessing.

We packed up the buses: one with the team and some luggage, the other just luggage.
And off we went for a 3 hour bus ride from Chinandega to Managua.
Things were going well until, you guessed it: we blew a tire. AGAIN!
Seriously, you can't make this stuff up!

We all piled out of the bus and climbed up a little hill to wait for the tore to be changed.
The students went off exploring in a pasture area behind us.
And then, headed our way, was a herd of cattle!
Again, I promise I am not making this up! 
And at the head of this cow drive is a big bull with crazy big horns, and a pretty ticked off look on his face.
We all started moving out of the way, but realized the students- and Kevin- were in the pasture we assumed the cows were heading towards!
They were so far away that they couldn't hear us. So Jarrett starts hollering and waving his arms and tells them to run! the students-and Kevin- were confused, unsure whether Jarrett was serious on joking with them!

But no fear, the cows were heading straight along the path and not the pasture, so all was well.
Tony even tried his hand at cow herding...after the actual cow herder on the green bicycle with the stick rode by, that is.

We made it to the guest house all tires in tack, praise the Lord!
It is a beautiful place with a tropical feel.
Very homey, with places for us to enjoy interacting with each other as team.
We are all in dorm style rooms together on bunks.

It sounds tropical, too. The birds are very.....incessant. ;)
But I do admit it is a beautiful sound. Just maybe not so much at 5am.

Heading out to a special needs orphanage today, which I am sure will once again call us out of our comfort zones, so pray for us.
Then we are off to put plastic over houses to help prevent flooding during the rainy season.
Everyone is excited because Pizza Hut is the lunch destination.

I personally would be happy to just have the pineapple we had for breakfast! YUMMM!

Love to all and thanks for all your prayers!

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