Friday, July 1, 2011

Rain, Rain...

And the rains came tumbling down.
For it to be the rainy season, we had mostly avoided rain, except for a couple of times at night. But usually the mission work had not been affected. Until today.

Our morning was an out-of-your-comfort-zone experience, but rewarding in so many ways.
We went to the only special needs orphanage in Nicaragua and spent time with the residents there. The people that were employed there were stretched to their limits in so many ways, yet they kept right on trying to meet the needs of these people that the world had forgotten. 
These were the forgotten of the forgotten.
It was really touching to see how different residents were drawn to different members of the mission team.
Each person was challenged to stretch their heart for Jesus by putting it into action today and loving on "the least of these". But in doing so, we found that there is a treasure there that maybe we simply hadn't taken the time to understand.

We had Pizza Hit once again for lunch.
When that little itinerary detail was announced, you would have thought Jarrett told the team we were going to Disney World!
It was hilarious!
But I have to admit, it was good! I was able to order in Spanish all by myself:)!

We were supposed to go put plastic over 20 houses, but the rain changed our plans. :(
So we headed to the market! I love getting to use my bargaining skills!
It was like a maze in there! Especially when we headed to the non-tourist part. It was like nothing I had ever seen. The entire area was dark and sketchy, with cow tongue, cow eye balls, various meats just laying there in the open for purchase. Just about anything you could imagine plus everything you would never want to was available for purchase there! It was just crazy!

After the market, we came home for a nice meal and fellowship. We played some games, got to talk with other missionaries at the guest house, and just enjoyed being together in this environment...even if sometimes it was with no power, or with no water, or amidst a swarm of crazy bugs, or within the sound of a blaring whistle, barking dog or birds.
Hey, that's Nicaragua for you. ;)

What was more important to us is that it was with those who we now not only call brothers and sisters in Christ- we call them our friends.

What great gifts the Father rained down on us today:
Fresh showers of understanding, showers of trust, showers of nourishment, showers of joy and laughter, showers of relationship and friendship, showers of rest.

Tomorrow we will try to put on the plastic on the houses in the a.m. and do the sightseeing I. The afternoon.
Pray that we can accomplish it all!

Until next time... :)

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