Friday, September 9, 2016

The Unexpected

It hit me a while back. 
One of those deep thought moments where truth just pierces and you see what you couldn't see when you had to take that first step of faith that scared you and almost paralyzed you.

It hit me when I was siting on a bus on a once and a lifetime trip that had all come about because of something I never expected. 

I never expected to be diagnosed with major health issues. 
I never expected to try all the "right" things and still end up living in daily pain that no one even really knew about or understood. 
I never expected for a quick message to turn into the path to pain free. 
I never expected on that path to find the opportunity to share this hope with others. 
I never expected to be reduced to tears over stories of success and renewed health. 
I never expected so many doors of ministry to open simply because I shared my struggle. 
I never expected to be able to speak the love and life of Jesus into so many people's circumstances. 
I never expected financial blessing and freedom. 
I never expected any of it. 

Because I was living from my limited expectations instead of from my LIMITLESS God. 

I was dreaming from a safe place. 
I was compartmentalizing my life, unable to see the possibilities of where heaven meets earth...where everything I have to offer is surrendered to Him in every place, in every situation. 

My mission is to lay down MY mission and take up HIS in any and every opportunity He places before me. 

All of these are pieces of my dream- glimpses of who I am- who HE created me to be. 
And they are all His.

I long to be a person that allows the Lord to loose heaven through me. 
I never expected God to use something that I hadn't even considered. 
But He did. 
And I am thankful I get to share that with others. 

One year ago He prompted me to step out in scary faith and bare my soul. 
It's been a journey of growth that has stretched me in so many ways.
And I wouldn't trade it for a thing. 
I know it's only just begun. 

The only way to limit less in life is to live LIMITLESS in CHRIST!! 
#SimpleTruth for your day, your week, your! :) 

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