Monday, September 28, 2015

The Banner Doesn't Lie

In the not too far past, there was some big fight in the news.
Not like a fight at school fight, or "I don’t like your opinion fight”- It was a boxing fight. 
I don’t like boxing.
I find it rather barbaric and people really mess up their faces and noses and ears and…cognitive abilities. (Rocky fans, don’t hate on me- I still like inspirational boxing movies from time to time.)

So because this particular match was all the buzz, per the usual, it showed up in my Facebook newsfeed. 
But something really struck me as a picture of all this popped up on my screen.
The fighter was on his way out to the ring with this entourage all around him- security, fancy women, coaches, trainers and the like. And then there was this one guy standing right behind him as they were walking the path to the ring who was consistently holding above the fighters head this attention grabbing belt that declared the fighter’s title.
This guys job was to make sure that everyone knew who this fighter was. It was his accomplishment on display so everyone could see why he deserved to be in the fight.
But I bet that boxer hadn’t won every single fight he had ever been in his whole life. I bet he’s had a few scars and bumps and bruises along the way- if in the ones he did win. He probably hasn’t thrown every punch correctly and he probably missed a few blocks.
But he was still a champion.
The belt doesn’t lie. 

Now I am not a boxer- nor do I ever want to be- although I wouldn’t mind following their workout to get those killer arms.
But...I am a fighter. 
I get into the ring daily as a Jesus follower.
And I have the Holy Spirit and an entourage around me that help me stay focused and pressing into to Whom and what will train me for the fight in front of me. 
But I can’t forget about the One behind me.
He is holding His banner over me that says “Love”.
Just like the song I used to sing in church as a child:
"His Banner Over Me is Love" (linked here is a grown up Bethel Music version you will love)

What simple words that I never quite understood until now.
See, those words weren't just telling me about Jesus...they hold truth about me- my identity in Christ.

I act like Jesus is constantly shaking His head in disgust at the opportunities I have missed in the Kingdom fights, or the punches from the enemy to my life that I so stupidly welcomed instead of blocking. I act like I have to cover the bumps, bruises and scars in shame.
But that would only be what would happen if it were my accomplishments that determined whether or not He holds that banner over my head. 
But it isn’t my accomplishment…it is His.
And Jesus says, "It is finished."(John 19:30)

When I accept that He conquered death on the cross and won the complete victory for me, He holds that banner of LOVE high over my head saying, 
I won eternal victory for HER
This one is my beloved! 

And even when I mess up, that banner over me never changes. 

Just like that fighter, that truth changes the way that you walk.
Confidence becomes a part of your stride, even when personal perfection isn’t always present.
Why? Because you know your title.
You know who you are. And as a Believer, you know WHOSE you are. 

I don’t deserve a place in the fight for His Kingdom, but Grace says otherwise.
His banner of Love over me is an irrevocable title of Victory by His righteousness that cannot be removed. 
I have screwed up. I will screw up. 
But in Him I am a Love lavished, Grace given, Righteousness received champion.
The Banner doesn’t lie.

Let’s start walking to the fight like we know Who we are and Whose we are.
Let’s live out loud for Jesus in a way that it becomes the evidence that LOVE is the banner He waves over us and that transforms us and sets us apart.

His banner over you is Love. 
#SimpleTruth that can transform. 

“He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.”
Song of Solomon 2:4

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