Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I don't know about you, but in my life, it's so easy to fall into the trap of judging others for their grumbling and then justifying my own. 
I see it around me, but am blind to it in my own life. And then I wonder why all the bumps and bruises. It's because I've been walking blind. Grumbling only increases my stumbling in the place I am walking through. 

God is sovereign. 
Not just over the situations I like, but even over the ones I don't. 
God is good. 
Not just in the situations that make me happy, but even in the ones that shake me to my core. 
Those simple truths are what fuel my gratitude. 
I have to let the fire of those truths sweep through my heart to refine and purify my heart, my mind, my intentions, my plans, and my actions. 

Gratitude opens my eyes to see not just A WAY but to see HIS WAY- no matter how dark or daunting the place I'm in. 

Gratitude is transformational. 
Grumbling is toxic. 
So what am I choosing: toxicity or transformation? 

Everything I encounter may not be the situation I want, but the ONE I want above all has already seen it, known it, and made every provision for me so I can walk through it victoriously. 

He is sovereign. He is good. And He wants a relationship with me. 
THAT is worth my attitude of gratitude. 

It isn't easy, but it's possible when we focus our mind on Jesus, our eyes on the Father, and our ears on the Spirit. 
Praying that in His strength we can all walk out that #SimpleTruth today. ~Julie

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