Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Evidence All Around

Today was hot. From the beginning. Hot.
When you walked outside and into the sun, you knew it...because it slapped you in the face.
You didn't have to wait for someone to tell you.
There was evidence all around.
Sun piercing your eyes.
Sweat pouring from you skin.

And now, looking back, this was a picture of our day in the Spirit.
The Holy Spirit has been progressively turning the heat up on our work and ministry here-
and His fire was blazing.
The spark of inspiration to engage in this mission work ignited the fire months ago.
The flames have been burning and fueled along the way with faith, prayer, petition, His Word.
And it was a raging inferno.
It was hot-mucho calor!

As we ministered in the barrio, sharing Jesus with to families and children, feeding poor,hungry, malnourished children...
As we put our hands to the construction of the feeding center and latrines...
As we ministered to women stuck in prostitution...
As we spoke on the radio and TV stations to lost souls, growing believers, youth bound by sin and addiction...
As we testified...
As we preached...
As we sang...
As we prayed with people for healing...
As we worshipped... one had to tell us that the passionate fire of God was there.
It was  evident all around!
The Son pierced our souls and the souls of the lost!
Our spirits overflowed with His love and power as we remained in the presence of the Flame.
Yes, there was evidence all around today!

And praise God- the Fire rages on!
Tomorrow we continue in the work.

My prayer is simply this, Lord:
Keep turning up the heat through the fire of Your Holy Spirit! 
Consume us and let our lives be evidence of You in all that we put our hands to!
Hot. Burning with You.
For every breath that is to come, let that be the forecast!
For Your Glory Lord!

"...for our God is a consuming fire." Hebrews 12:29

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